Témoignage de Hans et Nicole

"Bonjour à tous/ hi all.

We’ve made it back safe and sound from our excellent 2-week break in New Caledonia, nous sommes de retour du Caillou. Weather very good until last day and back in NZ we found Auckland dry, sunny and a freezing 13°C. Temps in NC were 24-26°C.

Staying in a one-b/r flat in le quartier Latin, the old town centre, meant that we had easy access to all shops and activities usually happening in and around the Place des Cocotiers and Market. Our landlady/hostess Brigitte was very helpful and thanks to hiring a small car to run around the city we were able to locate most, if not all, super and hyper marchés ; we can find them blindfolded. If you are not planning to use your stay for beach and tourist attractions, but like to get a taste of Nouméa shops, markets, snacks and restaurants, then this is the place to be. We can get you in touch with Brigitte if you are interested.

Useful tips: food, drinks, restaurants are more expensive than NZ; just double your budget and you won’t be disappointed. Second: supermarkets have all kind of alcoholic drinks, from beer (good local one is “Number One”) and wines to whiskies, but they have certain hours for non-selling; mornings are a good bet for actually being able to buy your daily wine. Afternoons you may find these areas chained off with the label “fermé”; logical, n’est-ce pas?


All in  all we found what we were looking for: ambiance, and most probably we will be back, but first: their referendum in November. On verra!"